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Interested in hosting your event at Aqua Bar? Our beautiful venue on Provincetown Harbor is available for your next party! And the best part is that there is never a fee charged to host your event at Aqua Bar.

In order to book your event and learn more about our options, please call (774) 593-5106 and leave a message or write to us at

Aqua Bar Events Information

  • There is never a fee to host your event at Aqua Bar.

  • The deck area (upper and lower) must remain accessible to the general public during all events. We share our space with our neighbors and therefore cannot close the venue to the public.

  • We will gladly set up a table for you to place catered food for your guests. Receiving and handling the food is the responsbility of the event's host(s). You are welcome to dispose of leftover food and containers at Aqua Bar.

  • We can provide an open bar for your guests (21+) at your request. If you choose an open bar then we will use bracelets in order to idenitfy your guests. We require a credit card to run an open bar. If you wish to cap your spend then please share this with the manager prior to your event.

  • A 20% gratuity will be added to your tab if you choose to offer an open bar to your guests.

  • We request that you book your event at least two weeks in advance. During peak times we may not be able to accomodate an event.

  • To schedule your event, please call (774) 593-5106 and leave a message or write to us at We'll get back in touch right away!

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